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My name is Susie George. I am a psychic medium and am qualified as a Level 1 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) practitioner and Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) practitioner based in the South East of England. 

My work enables me to bring forward all my skills and abilities so I am capable of working beyond the realms of this physical world.

Through my teachings, learning programs, and inner work, I am able to facilitate and hold space for my clients.

Take the journey with me today, to change your tomorrow.

White Sand and Stone
Image by Ashley Batz
Spiritual Development Course
Foundation Level

This immersive course is perfect for all those looking to develop their spiritual knowledge and experience at a foundation level

Spiritual Development Course
Intermediate/Advanced Level

This immersive course is perfect for those looking to develop their spiritual work into different areas or work more deeply with their own core wounds

Private Mentoring & Counseling

My private one-to-one mentoring / counseling sessions are aimed at helping you on your spiritual journey, providing a confidential and safe space to learn and grow.

Planet and Moon
Image by Mohamed Nohassi
Image by Greg Rakozy
QHHT Ultimate

Through my Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) and Beyond Quantum Healing Therapy (BQH) I can offer deep levels of cellular healing, working through trauma, helping you to achieve a freer, lighter state of being.

Sound, Soul, Mind

A Sound, Soul, Mind session helps to clear anxiety, depression, pain, and deep core wounds as well as dealing with weight gain, mental health issues, and overall physical health.

Sound, Soul, Mind
Ultimate program

This deeply healing program combines Sound, Soul, Mind with QHHT and takes place over 5 sessions to facilitate healing at a deep core level and integration of that

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Image by Elia Pellegrini
Image by Tim Marshall
Mediumship & Readings

Mediumship is the ability to be the bridge between both worlds - the physical and the spiritual realm - connecting to loved ones and bringing through messages of comfort

Quantum Timeline Readings

If you would like to change the potential outcomes of your life, a Quantum Timeline reading could be just what you need at this time.

Alpha Field Project

This is a private mentoring/counselling program specifically tailored for men on their spiritual journey

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