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Through my Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT), Beyond Quantum Healing Therapy (BQH) and Sound, Soul, Mind programs I can offer deep levels of cellular healing, working through trauma, helping you to achieve a freer, lighter state of being.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, known as QHHT, was the life's work of Dolores Cannon. Dolores created a method of hypnosis that would enable her clients to access, whilst in a dream state, all levels of their subconscious mind, a place beyond the conscious.  This therapeutic process enables the accessing of past life information and deep levels of cellular healing. I am honored to have learned this work from Dolores Cannon and have also been hugely influenced by the healing work of Louise Hay.

I am also qualified as a Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) practitioner, enabling me to bring in additional modalities to take the healing to an even deeper level.  These include light language, water alchemy, heart-to-heart meditations, and much more.

What is the Subconscious? 

The subconscious is often referred to as the higher self, the super soul, the oversoul. It is the part of the brain that manages and run different programs within the physical body and all aspect of you through time and space. 


My QHHT sessions provide a major healing release and are suitable for anyone, whatever part of their healing journey they are on. The technique enables me to get to the heart of your trauma and then we heal it, leaving you feeling lighter and free. Every step you have taken in your life so far has brought you to this now moment so if you are reading this, you have been drawn to it, so maybe this is the time and the treatment for you. Many people report feeling like a huge weight has been lifted after they have gone through this program, feeling mentally and physically better.  The benefits can be life-changing and can help with anxiety, depression, and addiction.

I am just the facilitator; it’s you that does the healing along with your subconscious and energetic support team.

How Does It Work?

The therapy session is split into three parts:

Firstly, we have an in-depth conversation about your beautiful life, the good and not so good.


Secondly, we find the answers to your “why?” using hypnotherapy, which is just a relaxed state of consciousness. This part of the process helps us to work with the subconscious part of your mind to enable you to recreate your own reality to be just as we want it.  By changing and removing the negative programs that sit inside your subconscious mind, you can consciously live your best life.


And thirdly, we clear the programs that no longer serve you, and I clear both your energetic and physical body using light language and healing.


At the end of the session, we review what happened and what you learned from the process.


Misconceptions Around Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a fully focused and deeply felt daydream so you will not be quacking like a duck or behaving in any strange ways that you may have seen on TV. Some clients remember everything after their session and others only some but there is nothing to fear. You are in a deep state of relaxation and aware of where you are. This hypnotic state is easily reached for the majority of us on a regular basis; for example, when you are driving home and not fully remembering the whole journey.  This is the same state you will experience during a QHHT session. 


My QHHT sessions are available either live or via zoom.  Please allow up to 6 hours for the session which includes comfort breaks as required.

A Sound, Soul, Mind session helps to clear anxiety, depression, pain and deep core wounds as well as dealing with weight gain, mental health issues and overall physical health.

This 2-hour session begins with us talking through what you want to work on in the session and setting your intention for it. I will then take you through a sound healing using tuning forks and other, non-invasive, sound healing equipment which will re-energise you as you relax, followed by a guided meditation.

The benefits of the Sound, Soul, Mind session are that it is a calming and relaxing treatment that takes you deep within yourself, so the body gets the best opportunity of healing pain. The session will tune your body up to its natural rhythm, placing it into a state where it can heal itself as well as helping you learn what your deep core wounds are, work through your trauma, and free you from them.

You will end the session with a clarity of mind and coping mechanisms to help you deal with everyday life.

Discounts are given if you book 6 sessions in advance.


SOUND, SOUL, MIND ULTIMATE program includes a QHHT session with light language transmission, offering major healing releases. This programme offers two Sound, Soul, Mind sessions to help to start to uncover what needs healing and prepare you to get the most from the third session, which is the QHHT session where powerful healing take place. We then follow this up with two further Sound, Soul, Mind sessions so you can fully integrate the healing you’ve experienced.

Book a 15-minute Discovery Call where we can have a chat about how Quantum Healing, via any of these programs, can help you personally.

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