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I offer two types of readings, one based on mediumship to help you connect to loved ones and one based on accessing quantum timelines to help you change the outcomes of your life.


Please read on for all the details about these readings.



Mediumship is the ability to be the bridge between both worlds, the physical and the spiritual realm, connecting to loved ones and bringing through messages of comfort and evidence of life after death, proving the soul is eternal.


Tuning into my client’s energy is what enables me to connect to their loved ones through visions, senses, or, sometimes, just through a knowing.  Each reading is completely unique to each client.


Through my Mediumship readings and connection with the spirit realm, I often bring through healing for my clients and am completely guided to what is needed in every session. 

I am very passionate about my Mediumship readings as it gives so much comfort to those who seek it. 


Each session is for 1 hour.


Book a 15-minute Discovery Call with me here where we can have a chat about how mediumship and card readings can help you personally.






If you would like to change the potential outcomes of your life, a Quantum Timeline reading could be just what you need at this time.


In a Quantum timeline reading, I am able to help you raise your vibration, alter your emotional state and therefore consciously access other timelines which can then give you different outcomes in the reading.


This 2-hour session will consist of different probabilities.  If you change your outlook on life, your spiritual path or your life path will be altered.


Book a 15-minute Discovery Call with me here where we can have a chat about how a Quantum Timeline Reading can help you personally.

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