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QHHT Client Review of the Quantum Healing Medium

Spiritual Healing

This week, I had the most profound healing experience I’ve ever had, a

combination of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique aka QHHT and

Before Quantum Healing (BQH); yup really snappy titles! This is the

unique Spiritual Healing offer from Ms Susie George.

Complete Healing

Believe me, when I tell you that is quite a feat because I’ve tried and

tested many. Complete healing involves work in the spiritual realm as

well as the emotional and physical. The absolute bonus of the spiritual

healing is that it is happens at the speed of light!

Re-occurring Injury

I fell over and sprained my ankle very badly four days ago, for the third

time this year, sober and really for no good reason. This is frustrating on

all the levels you can imagine, it hammers my mental health because it

slows me down and stops me taking my daily nature baths.


Yes, I am a healer myself, however there are three types of healer;

physical, emotional and spiritual. I am blessed with physical body

healing skills, which I am using to heal the earthly result of my accident.

I am not gifted with spiritual healing skills, which to be honest I hadn’t

even considered for this ailment. My repetitive accident felt very earth

bound. But one of my fellow healers, saw it very differently

and recommended I try the QHHT and BQH skills of one of her friends

and my client, Susie; it’s a small world after all.

QHHT Timings

Susie explained it would take around four to six hours, and would

involve a couple of hours of working out all of my energy blocks, a bit of

time to make a plan of what she needed to clear and then up to an hour

of actual healing and some water alchemy.

Surely I’ve Faced Everything?

I was dismissive that I would need that long to pull out all my shadows,

with over thirty years experience of all manner of therapies, I felt I knew

and had worked on all my demons. I certainly couldn’t fathom how they

could relate to my poorly ankle in the present. And, the idea of

engaging with anyone for that many hours straight over Zoom was

hideous, I hate sitting still, it’s actually a physical impossibility for hEDS

me, and online burn out loomed!


But, those are the terms and I wanted to try this healing so I had to go

with the flow and try my best to surrender! I recommend, when you try

this, you make sure you clear your diary for the rest of the day. It’s

beyond deep and you will want and need time to absorb, process and


Powerful Shadows

Once she started, it quickly became apparent that although I knew and

had worked upon all my shadows, they still had me firmly in their

energetic vices. Clearly, because I keep falling over, repetitive accidents

are a clear sign of the need for some internal work.

Soul Contracts

If you try to bury negative emotions, which is easily done when your just

grateful you’ve survived and don’t want to spend any more time looking

into the horror you’ve just lived through. Revisiting can be perceived as

too painful, too ominous, too culpable and completely avoidable. But

that’s the rub, it’s really not, you can’t escape the hauntings or the

physical bites in the arse. Especially when it’s part of your Soul Contract,

growth you’ve committed to making before you were born!

Some of the Signs

Generally, the messages come in gently to start with, perhaps through

coincidence, conversations on the radio/TV/Social media, discovering

common ground with people. If you don’t pay attention and listen, they

get ramped up. You may start to experience insomnia, as in waking in

the night and not being able to get back to sleep; a clear sign your brain

is trying to process. Avoiding this can lead into nightmares, headaches

etc. This then steps up further into physical dis-eases and finally, goes

full throttle into accidents or fatal disease.

Ultimate Purpose

Your Soul will find a way to make you remember your contractual

obligations, if you fail to meet them you just have to repeat over and

over until you do. It’s onerous more than anything!

Rapid Results

The talking therapy part of this treatment is beyond intense, she

uncovers all your shadows quickly and cleanly because she is working

with your guides and hers. She divines your truths easily and there really

is no place to hide them. She likens it to flying through your house at

100mph flicking all the doors open. 45 years of living summed up in 3


Finding Your Phoenix

By the end of it you have been broken into thousands of tiny pieces, just

like the Tower Card in Tarot, because only then can you truly transform.

Think Phoenix rising from the ashes!

Nothing to be Scared of

Yes, it sounds brutal, facing pain always is, but better this than an

endless drip of pain goes on for years. And, she holds you safely all the

way, it’s not scary, it’s just deep, honest and very releasing.

Plan of Action

Once she’s pulled out all your goo, she creates a list of all she is going

to heal, which you go through together to make sure it’s all there. The

guides help her to know if something else is still lurking in the shadows.

Water Alchemy

She then asks you to get a glass of water, which she gets you to cover

with your palm and visual and incant all your healing desires into too.

She simultaneously channels her magic into it too. You then drink this

magical elixir, lie down some place safe, comfortable and relax .

Cloud 9

Then the healing begins, this is the hypnosis part. She has a couple of

ways to get you into the spirit realm, the first didn’t work on me, which

we’d already been told but things can get lost after 3 hours of intense

work! I had to metaphysically climb onto a cloud and float up into the

spirit realm to meet my angels and guides, there were some lovely

surprises; makes me tear up in remembered gratitude.

Akashi Records

Once there, Susie tapped into my relevant past lives by accessing my

Akashi records, and of course I recognised every one of them. She

found my ankle injury in a few of my past lives, the main one being that

of a ballet dancer who broke her ankle when her career was just taking

off and through despair killed herself; I’ve always felt I longings to be a


Past Lives Regression

She divined which lives had carried forth the wrongs that needed

addressing in this life, it was beyond my wildest expectations to get this

information and invaluable understandings. I’ve always been curious

about my past lives, have you been curious about yours?

My Guides

She invited my angels and guides to step forward and assist her to heal

me, which they gladly did. I was deeply touched and grateful to see my

Dad, who seems to be making up for everything he didn’t do for me in

this lifetime, in the spirit realm; thank you Dad from the bottom of my


Relationship Healing

I got to say a proper goodbye to my favourite grandparent. And, I got

lots of healing on my ankle from a grandmother I believed didn’t like me

let alone love me; another relationship healed.

Past Lives

The most interesting validation was realising that all the memories I’d

had of past lives were true. And, how could this stranger know what

they were!?!

Light Language

She spoke and sang, on and off, through out the entire healing process

in the beautiful language of light. It was timeless, ancient, resonating

and deeply moving.

Ancient Experience

This experience did not feel like we were online, with me lying on my

sofa in North Chailey, we were ancient, outside by the tribal fire, it was


Corporeal Experience

My body shook, trembled, went hot, cold, tingly, numb. I cried, I thought

I would vomit, I was on a totally different plane. But, equally present,

and felt safe through out.


I do feel different, lighter and freer to be my true self, a lot, if not all, of

what was holding me back is gone. My ankle is still recovering but I am

at peace with it and intuit this will be the last time. My guides told Susie

it would take the next 30 days for my body to heal. And, really that just

feels like a massive bonus compared to what I’ve experienced.


Claire, is a Psychic Intuitive, qualified in Aromatherapist, Medical Astrology, Herbs,

Nutritional Therapy and Counselling based in East Sussex.

She gives Bespoke Wellbeing Consultations to divine where you are out of balance

and use a combination of aromatherapy, indigenous herbs and nutritional therapy

treatments to recalibrate your system.

For those seeking independence in their health and wellbeing, she run a series of

workshops designed to give you that. Starting with your physical body and taking you

through to your spiritual self.

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